Moving to Jira

Over the last couple of months, the Technology team has been testing out a new ticketing system called Jira. It has been a great experience and we’re happy to say we’ve moved forward with purchasing the new system. I’d like to highlight some key points in how it will help us become more efficient in helping you.


  • Issue categorization and linking - We can link duplicate issues together and group them by category to see where we might be struggling to support you, or provide further training.

  • Systems monitoring - Automatic alerts when something goes wrong so we can respond to issues faster than ever.

  • A central knowledge base - We can keep documentation in a searchable knowledge base. No more searching around. Get the answers you need without needing to put in a ticket.

  • More ticket channels - Send an email (, use the portal, or click the in the bottom right of the school website.

  • Better notifications - The old system struggled with properly notifying you if the status of a ticket changed. That won’t happen anymore.