Online Registration instructions for Secretaries - During the school year.

You have two options

  1. Kiosk - this is when you have them in your office and you hand them our lender computer and they register

  2. Link with a valid email - They can use at home to register.

Student coming the following year and you want them in the system for scheduling.

  1. Have them register for the current year as a new student but when you go in give them the enrollment for the next year.

  2. Then when they come back in the fall they will need a parent portal account set up and they will register with the annual update rather than a new student.


You can use Kiosk mode don’t need anything. This can only be used in the office on our device/computer. This should be bookmarked on your registration computer in your offices. Online Registration - Kiosk if not it is below.

  1. Kiosk Link -

This take you right to Registration where you can choose to start a new registration or if they had already started a registration (they will need the confirmation number). If they don’t have one you can look it up in OLR on your computer in the same area you process them just make sure you have checked the box to include unsubmitted applications.


2. Next it will ask what year they are registering for

3. Next Part you will fill out the Parent/Guardian information and click begin registration


4. After you have clicked on Begin Registration it will give you the confirmation number

5. Then it begins the online registration like before.